the dead are thirsty in hell

Every time I check the news things are getting worse with the coronavirus (named for its distinctive circular shape.) It’s starting to feel like we’re living through the opening credits of a zombie movie. 

And to make things even creepier: the coronavirus outbreak occurred around the start of Στέφανος, the month of the Flower Crown – when we celebrate Anthesteria, during which the dead walk the earth once more. 

So if a stranger shambles up to your doorstep (especially between February 4-6) give them plenty of wine or they may just try to eat your brains.

3 thoughts on “the dead are thirsty in hell

  1. From what I’ve read, the deaths are comprised of elderly individuals and people who were already compromised immunally. So pretty much the vast majority of people are fine and this will be no more of a cause of the end of the world than Ebola or the Zika virus were when everyone was scared of those.


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