A section I’m considering cutting out

Hermes within the Starry Bear tradition has essentially the same character, attributes, functions and status as he does within the Starry Bull and other Greco-Roman derived religions – with a few notable exceptions. Mostly these are a matter of emphasis rather than divergence. Without denying his incredible versatility we tend to focus on Hermes’ magical, mantic, apotropaic and luck-bringing powers; he is also a guide of souls (in this and other worlds) and master of the realm of dream. 

Where there is divergence this is usually due to his relationship with Dionysos. In addition to being his protective older brother and one of the God’s closest friends, Hermes holds an esteemed position in the Court of Dionysos. He performs the roles of advisor, mediator, translator, diplomat, high priest, spy and assassin, governs in his absence and leads a third of the Host of Nysa in battle and the hunt. 

Much of this he did for Zeus before, but in Starry Bear mythology when their father refuses to heed Dionysos’ warnings of the coming Ragnarök Hermes switches his allegiance and works tirelessly with Dionysos to change the war’s outcome. For his loyalty Dionysos grants Hermes dominion over the Dreamlands which border Nysa since its previous ruler is fated to fall in the failed attempt to defend the gleaming walls of Olympos from the allies of the all-consuming nothing.