Of light in the darkness


Oh, there’s more! Starry stuff, that is.

Did you catch the month-name we use for the Bakcheion calendar? (Hint: it’s here.)

That’s right – Στέφανος, the month of Flower Crowns.

As in the one Ariadne wore when she and Dionysos first celebrated Anthesteria:

As the author of the Cretica says, at the time when Liber came to Minos with the hope of lying with Ariadne he gave her this crown as a present. Delighted with it, she did not refuse the terms. It is said, too, to have been made of gold and Indian gems, and by its aid Theseus is thought to have come from the gloom of the Labyrinth to the day, for the gold and gems made a glow of light in the darkness. (Hyginus, Astronomica 2.5)