Help an Orpheotelest out, would you?

Anyone got a spare $20,200? I’d really like this statue of Dionysos by Ukrainian artist Andrey Ozyumenko for the Bakcheion. 


5 thoughts on “Help an Orpheotelest out, would you?

  1. Blessed Mother of All. This piece is stunning as a photograph. I can’t imagine what it’s like in person. What a fabulous piece of art.

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  2. $20K?! I could get my teeth replaced! But seriously, if I had $20K reserved for Dionysos, I would get that statue, or a life sized statue of Dionysos in the Ancient Greek Style…or throw a Symposium…or buy stock in a vinyard…oooh so many ideas!


  3. If ever the Gods see it fit to bless me with wealth enough to spend such great amounts casually, I will acquire such a depiction of the Lord Dionysos and bring it to the Bakcheion as an offering. Along with the Tyrannosaurus rex astragalus I said I would also purchase


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