Also Sprach Zarathustra

One of the reasons that this whole situation with Iran concerned me enough to write about it here is that I’m developing an appreciation for some of her Pre-Islamic faiths and their influence on the Indo-European family of religions. A lot of this is relevant to Starry Bear stuff – so do consider giving the links a read. 


8 thoughts on “Also Sprach Zarathustra

  1. Interesting choice of video! I had never heard that particular song, nor seen the video, but Freddie was looking (in my opinion) his best during those years, at least as far as my own aesthetics are concerned. ;)

    I will be eager (when there is time…when is that?!?) to look through these, as several of the titles are quite tantalizing, needless to say…!


      1. That was the main reason I had assumed you’d chosen this video…Apart from his fabulousness, and the fact that he is fairly Dionysian (not as much as Bowie, but more so than Bowie’s previously shown collaborator, Mr. Bing Crosby!), and the idea of going mad…”Oh dear!”


            1. Plus, ol’ Dr. Cosby was only good at singing badly for laughs in jokes, so he wouldn’t really have meshed well with Bowie. (But imagine Cosby doing the voice of Ludo in Labyrinth instead…it would have been a much weirder film, especially with all we know now!)


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