Watch The Stars, That Tremble With Love And With Hope.

Manowar wanted to honor the operatic influence of their earlier work (such as 1992’s Triumph of Steel which contains their epic retelling of the Matter of Troy) and so for their 2002 album Warriors of the World the world’s loudest band (according to Guinness) recorded a cover of Nessun dorma. It’s quite something:

Even more powerful, however, is hearing their fans sing along at this concert at Arena Fiera, Rho during the Italian Gods of Metal festival:

This makes the world somehow a tiny bit better. 

3 thoughts on “Watch The Stars, That Tremble With Love And With Hope.

  1. I was such a huge fan of Manowar as a 13-14 year old. Even joined their “Army of Immortals” fan club. As an adult, it comes across as incredibly cheesy… That said, I still enjoy rocking out to the “Kings of Metal” album and a few others.


    1. Oh, they are cheesy as fuck – but you know, I think that’s part of what I dig about them. (Now, if not then.) Everything today is so self-aware, ironic, hyperproduced, and either dripping with nostalgia or arid with cynicism. These guys just rock it to 11, singinging about Eddic and Homeric heroes and how fucking badass heavy metal is. That’s … refreshing.

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