in the whole world


Who are you? No, who are you really? Not what you do for a living, or how much you make, or what you own, or don’t own. Not what religion, or political group you belong to, not what hobby you have to take up your time. Not what your parents always wanted you to be, or who your friends think you are, or who you think you have to be when you’re around other people. But who you really are, deep in your core, in those dark, hidden parts of your being, those parts made of dream and fantasy and passion. Do you remember who you once were, before it all went wrong, before you made those compromises, before you started pretending to be someone else in order to fit in? Do you remember the way that it could have been, if only? Remember and be who you are. Don’t cheat the world of your uniqueness. As rough and imperfect as you are, there’s only one you in the whole world.

6 thoughts on “in the whole world

  1. Who am I? Existential questions hurt my head or lead me to feelings of inadequacy. Who would I have been if my world hadn’t been displaced by dysfunction and parents destroyed by drugs? Too hypothetical. I feel like a leashed beast of pain and rage. 🎶This is America…🎶


      1. Not quite sure how wise a move that would be. I’ve begun to believe that it’s mostly because I let my devotional relationship with Ares fall to the wayside a few years ago. I’ve felt lost ever since. I was praying about it on my morning walk and wondering if I needed to reconnect with Ares. As I finished asking, a woodpecker on the tree limb above me went “bapbapbapbap!” I’m taking that as a yes. Now I need to come up with a plan of re-engagement.


  2. Very good question, Sannion. Nine year old Sparrow was a happy child who loved to play in her backyard, had an imagination as big as the world, and felt comfortable in her body. She also started to read Greek mythology which changed her life. But somewhere along the way, little Sparrow stopped playing outside, her imagination was curtailed because she cared too much what other people thought of her and her stories, and felt very uncomfortable in her body. Middle-aged Sparrow needs to reconnect to her nine year old self and relearn some very important lessons.


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