My goals for 2020 e.v. (Year Two of the Bakcheion)

  • I want to get back into doing regular temple and priest work.
  • I want to immerse myself in the festival-cycle and really connect with the different faces of Dionysos through the year.
  • I want the festival-cycle to really catch on with others, especially our local group which is in the process of forming.
  • I want to codify the system of soul-parts for the Starry Bull tradition, and develop esoteric practices around them.
  • I want to learn the deeper mysteries of the Black Sun; I feel as if I’ve just scratched the surface.
  • I want to flesh out the Starry Bear proto-tradition enough that I can start bringing others into it.
  • I want to finish the remaining books listed here. 

Yes, I am aware that each of these could represent a lifetime’s work; I’ll feel good about myself if I accomplish even half of them over the next twelve months.

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