I’ve heard this story before

So Missouri State Representative Mike Moon doesn’t want the beautiful statue of Ceres returned to the Capitol building, has called her a false God and gone so far as to declare that his state needs no Gods but Jesus.

I’ve heard this story before.

Let’s check back in on the Show-Me State in six months or so, shall we? Anyone want to lay money down on them being in the midst of a record-level drought – maybe with a side of famine and plague for good measure?

I mean, indifference towards the Gods is one thing. But when you are actively hostile towards them and an elected representative of the people … woah, boy.

As Euripides once wrote, “Often an entire polity has suffered because of the wicked deeds of a single man.”


5 thoughts on “I’ve heard this story before

  1. But if you say anything to him, then you are “oppressing Christians”. (gags)


  2. *Somewhere in Missouri*

    Mrs. Moon: Good Lord, Mike! You’re really putting it away! That’s the third plate of spaghetti you’ve had tonight! Is everything alright?

    Representative Moon: It’s the darndest thing, baby. No matter how much I eat today, I just can’t seem to be full…

    Representative Moon went to bed that night with the growing ache in his belly. His hunger roared like a lion but he would soon find that there will be nothing to satiate him. Moon would feel every single mouth his impiety would wrong as the Goddess stripped the land of its fecundity. For some men, the only way they learn to acknowledge the Gods is by being served their just desserts. Bon appetit, Representative.

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