I rob Nazis

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Ironically enough, his own signature was also removed for reasons just as serious and well before his blog posts I’m afraid.

1) You are lying. You removed my signature after the posts, because I checked as I was making them in case I needed to change the language.

2) Are you seriously claiming that wearing a Nazi necklace* is on the same level as raping a child? Fucking seriously?!?

I wonder how long it’ll take her to do anything about the second sexual predator she has on her list. I just checked, and yup, they’re still there.

I also love the dude who is white knighting for her.

“OMG, like, he’s cultural appropriating from Nazis!!!”

Yeah, buddy. Maybe I am.

I walked up, punched a Nazi right in the nose, stole all his symbols and now I’m gonna repurpose them for my queer, disabled, foreign God. Fight me if you want them back. 

Gods these people are ridiculous and have some truly fucked up priorities.  

* Which isn’t, but that’s irrelevant to the argument.

10 thoughts on “I rob Nazis

  1. Culturally appropriating from Nazis? Did hr literally say that? If so, that’s just stupid. Nazis are not a cultural group. They are adherents of a political ideology. Not to mention that the Black Sun literally isn’t theirs. But if they are a cultural group now then wouldn’t that mean that the people calling you a Nazi are racist themselves for using the name of a cultural group pejoratively? That would be like saying “You Jew” or “You gypped me!”

    Why can’t they just admit that they just don’t like you? Is that really so indefensible of a position that they need to fabricate reasons to besmirch your name?

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  2. You rob Nazis? While you’re at it, can you ask them to give back my Uncle Sal’s finger? They took it from him in WW II during the Italian Campaign. Granted, he’s dead now and no longer needs it, but it’s the principle of the thing.

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  3. Does anyone know she has decided to go after Sannion? Or is this one of those things – where if you want to do moral grandstanding, go after a safe target. One that your little buddies all can applaud you for.

    I would like to know if they actually know about real Nazis and their occult activities. Most of the Nazis from what I have read were New Agers gone beserk. Not Polytheists. Most of their works have a sense of Monotheism embedded in them.

    But as Joe Biden said, “FACTS GET IN THE WAY OF THE TRUTH!”

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  4. This reminds me of Christian hysteria over Pagans and accusing them of “Devil Worship.” It has all the earmarks of an emotional appeal to destroy social standing and prevent others from risking reasoning with those lost in religious panic. It’s malicious fear-mongering.

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