So both my individual and group signatures to the Xenia Declaration have been removed after the post I made about Pyrokanthos. He, however, remains. I guess covering for pedophiles and consent violators is considered a Hellenic value by these people. 

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    Wow. so this hellenic (polytheist) group would rather consort with a pedophile (who commits blasphemy) than have someone call them out on that bullshit. Good job, guys. You shame us all.

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  2. Yeah I’m not too sure that is the right decision on their part. Being disgusted with sexual harassment and pedophilia does not preclude being against bigotry. So literally they only did it to insult you since there isn’t really a justifiable answer for removing you

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    1. Just like with Dec. 127, they’re not concerned about right, they’re concerned about demonstrating publicly how virtuous they are. There’s a big difference between the two.

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      1. The whole thing is a sham anyways. A couple of Facebook groups and some comments on a website aren’t going to end racism. Especially not when I know pretty much all of those groups and I know that this is literally just for show. There is no substance behind any of this

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