politics, culture and polytheism

Here’s a couple good posts discussing the interstices of politics, culture and polytheism.

First up from Sacred Blasphemies, A Screed On Society and Culture:

I feel like our diversity is our strength. It is not the Left that is causing us to lose culture. If anything, it is our society itself. We often don’t cook our own meals. Food is culture. We sit and listen to radio, watch TV, or read websites, which insulates us from our neighbors. This is a form of separating ourselves from culture. And I’m guilty of it as well.

I share the critiques of modernism that many people on the far right have. I agree with Radical Traditionalists on many issues, just disagree strongly on the emphasis on ethnic homogeneity and on traditional gender roles. (Also, many of them are super racist…which I just have no tolerance for.)

And then from Sarenth comes this Reflection on Polytheism, Tribalism, and Politics:

Generally, Pagan and polytheist communities I am not personally part of take far more than anything they give back. Part of this is due to a lack of coherent theology most Pagan groups have. Why? A coherent theology gives structure to a religion, and in organizing and structuring its religion, gives structure to its adherents. Without clear structures within and for understanding one’s religion, let alone one’s place in it, one’s political and/or personal proclivities become the deciding factor on what behaviors and views are correct for one’s religion and conduct. In other words, the religion and all structures change to fit individuals rather than individuals fitting a religion when theology lacks, or when religious structures are ignored or eschewed. From religious structure comes the basis for how we live in the world, and every single religion that I know of sets up in its basic foundation what right relationship with the Holy Powers, and from that with one another, looks like. When theology and resulting religious structures do not form coherent narratives, structures, or stories, I often see that non-religious elements are incorporated, whether that is from politics, science, or whatever interest the group or person holds.

Gipt fá gipt (gift for a gift in ON) exists as a given with the basic structure of Heathenry. It is in how we conduct ourselves with our Gods, Ancestors, vaettir, and with one another in communities. It is how we understand and set up all our relationships. When someone lacks this basic understanding it becomes painfully clear how one-sided a relationship is, and unless the other party is willing to do some values-adjusting, there can be no useful relationship.

Sarenth also wrote this striking piece Visions of Dionysus you should check out.