Absolutely amazing

One of the most Dionysian artists out there today has to be the Belgian musician Tamino, son of famed Egyptian actor Muharram Fouad.

The first video I saw by him was Persephone. Although he’s clearly meant to be portraying Haides I got strong Dionysos Petempamenti vibes from the performance, especially when he sang of being the light shining from the darkness. What makes the video especially interesting is that it depicts a unique variant tradition from Lebadeia in which Kore is abducted on the banks of a river in contrast to most versions where that happens in a flowery meadow. This suggests a more than casual familiarity with Greek myth (or direct inspiration.)

The next video I saw from him was Tummy, which again screamed Petempamenti to me (or possibly Antinous) especially the crowd scene, him sitting before the mirror removing his makeup and him alone in his bed.

However the cincher was Cigar, where we see Tamino not only as a crazy derelict but  as an usher in an otherworldly theater, and every single one of the Toys puts in a cameo.

His other videos also contain Dionysian allusions and symbolism – plus there’s his striking looks, his feral sensuality and that voice (so full of longing and exquisite suffering) which is a blend of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainright with the soul of the Orient.

Absolutely amazing.

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  1. I’ll check those other ones out…I think you’re right about “Tummy,” which has kind of an odd title, but as that line is about spiders…well…we all know where that leads. ;)


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