Learn to internet, kiddies

deja moo

Some folks are complaining because I periodically scrub the content from my blog, particularly when I am about to start a new creative project. Contrary to their assertions I am not trying to hide anything, because 1) I am not a coward. Further, I stand by everything I have ever said even if I have completely changed my opinion on the matter. It is what I believed at the time or I would not have said it; this I neither deny nor feel the need to limit myself to, especially when I am constantly engaged in transforming my consciousness through drugs, art, ritual, meditation, austerities and indulgence, intentionally induced temporary insanity, etc. I have been so many people since I woke this morning, why on Earth would you assume I think the same things I did a decade ago? (Let alone remember them.) Nothing stands still. Everything dances, as Herakleitos averred. And 2) one of the cardinal rules of the internet is that anything posted to the internet will forever remain on the internet. My entire blog history is available through either the Wayback Machine or the site’s RSS feed. I am currently looking through some posts circa 2014 to trace back a thread that is only now emerging in my spiritual practice. Then why do I delete content? It is a clever mind-hack I picked up during my Zen Buddhist days. With no past to draw on, you have only this moment and all it contains to express, thus ensuring you produce the most authentic art. But go ahead and attribute malice to every little thing I do; better yet, state you are the reason I do it. That will not make you look vain and stupid, at all. I mean, it is not like I have been doing this over my entire career or anything. And you are, what? The pesky mosquito of the day? I swish you away with my horse hair whip, and go back to my studies. 

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