I suppose you could substitute Greek for the supper, but why would you when Italian is obviously far superior? 

I’m just having fun with some triggered YSEEs on Twitter. Both cuisines are yummy, and truthfully you can offer the Martyrs anything that feels right. The important part is sharing a meal with our honored dead, and reflecting on their lives and sacrifices. Something you can do regardless of your race. 

11 thoughts on “#bacchiclivesmatter

  1. Wait one grape stomping minute… do you mean to tell me that people are taking umbrage with our veneration of the Bacchic Martyrs because we are focusing on the more Italian side of our identity as Dionysians?

    Mehercule! Guys, come on, this is old news! Not everyone who worships Greek Gods is going to chain ourselves to what they did in Classical Athens. Some of us acknowledge the fact that the Gods don’t just exist in a time bubble around 500 BCE!!! Policing us is like Baptists policing the Catholics. We clearly are not trying to be you!


    1. Not us specifically, but they’re ranting about non-Greek people worshiping the Greek Gods. The trio I was tangling with a month or so back have moved on to another individual, a priestess of Apollo who blogs at Patheos. They seem especially upset that she’s of Jewish extraction.


      1. Wasn’t there a time in our history when we strongly ENCOURAGED Jews to become more like Greeks? I seem to remember this being a thing. On multiple occasions


        1. The YSEEistai have a very tenuous grasp on history.

          Likely stemming from their anti-academic bias (except when it serves their arguments to cite long out-dated scholars.) Angelo wrote a whole piece on it for Patheos. Of course, now that he’s shuttered his Twitter account I’ll have no idea when his posts go live. There’s also a chance he’s gonna get booted from that platform over his racist and antisemitic remarks, likely why things got locked down.

          I do so love when two people who hate me start hating on one another – especially when they end up taking each other out. (And from what I have seen, this feud is getting fucking vicious.)


          1. Wait one bull-sparagmizing minute…

            You mean to tell me that the people who try to pass themselves off as the only true Hellenic Polytheists because of their self-proclaimed uninterrupted ties to Ancient Greece are ANTI-ACADEMIC?!?! They don’t check their work at all to see if they missed anything?! Like at all?!

            There are not enough expletives in the world to convey my feelings about this


  2. I mean, I guess it fits their character but it’s just kind of jarring. It just goes to show what jackasses they really are. It’d be one thing if thet just misinterpreted stuff or mixed historical stuff with other stuff but to not even try to understand what the ancients did is just ridiculous. They are essentially Wiccans with extra steps


    1. Oh no, it’s perfectly understandable. Every single one of them has a story about how they were instructed in Hellenismos by their granny. And their granny got it from hers, and so on and so forth in an unbroken lineage (which has left no material traces, including letters, diaries, etc) all the way back to the days of Emperor Julian. What need have they of outside scholars when they have such fertile i̶m̶a̶g̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ roots to draw on?

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