Brandy Williams is not my puppet

Tumblr is such a great educational resource.

Today I learned that Brandy Williams, a respected figure in the Thelemic and magical communities who has done tremendous work bringing to light the often overlooked or downplayed contributions of female occultists and mystics from the past (and whom I have read but never spoken to, corresponded with or even met though we’ve been at a couple of the same conferences) is a member of a super secret organization I run, and an operative disseminating disinformation on my behalf. 

I’m sure she’ll be just as surprised to hear of this as I was. Ditto that she apparently learned of the Greek Gods from me. 

I’m guessing she’ll also be just as annoyed as I am at the attempted erasure of yet another woman’s power, authority, agency, ability, intelligence and decades of effort on behalf of her Gods and communities.

Fuck you and your misogyny, lefty trolls. You’ve earned yourself a fig:


I mean, why assume she’s part of my organization and not the other way around? It’s the current year. Girls can run secret societies too. Isn’t that right, Beyoncé?

One thought on “Brandy Williams is not my puppet

  1. I don’t even understand the connection…

    Who seriously took a look at anything you have ever written or talked about and said, “Yeah, he’d totally run a Thelemic secret society”. I mean, yeah, there’s a lot of bacchic stuff in Thelema but the tradition itself nothing is like what we focus on in the Starry Bull or Starry Bear traditions. Wouldn’t a secret society run by you have members who are a bit more Polytheistic? You know, the very thing you talk about. Like all the time. That’s a pretty huge detail to miss


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