This again?

I address myself to the malingerers of Tumblr;

I’m not sure why you fixate upon me (especially since I haven’t been active in the community or even in maintaining this blog for a while) and feel the need to spread distortions and lies to boot, but you do, so here I am to address them. (Admit it, you miss me and this is some sick attempt to get my attention. Well, it worked. Hope you’re happy.)

To begin with, have the decency to respect my labels. I am far-right, with no political affiliation – not Fascist, let alone Nazi. Clearly you follow my blog closely enough to have seen the multiple times I’ve carefully explained the differences. Your persistence in using such scare terms is not only dishonest and libelous but as rude as continuing to address a trans person by the gender they were born into after they’ve told you their preference. It’s bad form, and you should stop it.   

I have never tried to hide the fact that Rhyd Wildermuth was once a friend. 

If you don’t believe the world is ending please notify that poor Greta Thunberg child, because she seems really upset about the prospect.

Incidentally, I don’t either. It is possible to experience παλιγγενεσία or rebirth without a literal death. Metaphorical is a whole other story. 

Also, you should probably wait until all 13 books in my poetic cycle are complete before critiquing their apocalypticism. Potential spoiler, but I have a great fondness for M. Night Shyamalan style twists. 

You may mock my belief that Dionysos will one day be the Successor of Zeus, but it’s straight out of the Rhapsodic Theogony, according to Otto Kern’s Orphicorum Fragmenta:

Proklos. Zeus the Father ruled all things, but Bakchos ruled after him.

Dionysos will lead the New Pantheon from Nysa or the reclaimed Tower of Kronos, not our cult compound. I am unsure where you got that from, as I’ve never suggested anything like it. 

And yes, our community will defend itself. Would you belong to one that didn’t?

I have never been forced out of any group. 

Hellenion – stepped down from elected position in protest over restrictive bylaws (which I felt stifled the formation of dêmoi) and how a situation involving the sitting president was handled. (The guy had converted to Episcopalianism and thought it was still okay for him to run a Hellenic polytheist organization. Unfortunately, so did several other prominent board members.)

Neokoroi – left to explore Kemeticism and eventually Greco-Egyptian polytheism. 

Neos Alexandria – left to focus on local-focus polytheism and eventually Bacchic Orphism; also disappointed that the group seemed to care more about publishing books than worshiping the Gods, and I had disagreements with the editorial staff and one of our authors to boot. (Note I have nothing but respect for Rebecca and what her team have subsequently accomplished, and she was not part of the dispute.)

Thiasos of the Starry Bull – unwilling to budge on the position of animal sacrifice within the tradition I stepped down as Archiboukolos when this became hotly debated. I remained in an advisory role to the council I appointed to govern the group in my stead until they decided to shut things down a year or two later. 

Bacchic Underground – left over personal disputes and a dislike for the culture that was developing there. 

I have warned of the deleterious effects of prolonged exposure to social media; indeed, I have probably not been critical enough of it. But you go ahead and defend the shenanigans of Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of their technocrat ilk as well as continue to use their services. (Pro tip: if you aren’t paying, you and your private information are the product.) 

However, I have not and would never demean someone for their occupation. “There is no shame in labor, only in idleness,” as Hesiod once quipped. That said, I have argued that our values and ethics should shape all parts of our lives as polytheists, including employment. You will note that I do not state how that should play out, as it’s up to the individual to make such determinations for themselves. I probably wouldn’t think much of a polytheist who ran a corporation that polluted our waterways, or produced child pornography, or published an Antifa ‘zine but then I suspect they wouldn’t be terribly fond of me either. 

I do not “make a living” off of selling books and classes, and I wager most of the folks in Neopaganism, Polytheism, Heathenry and Occultism don’t either. What little I earn through these ventures is usually funneled back into the community, as I have helped multiple people attend conferences and retreats over the years by paying for their transportation, food and related expenses (and also helping out during emergency situations) or used it to host public rituals or fund other devotional projects. When I’m not engaged in such activities I use it for offerings and shrine supplies, purchasing from polytheist artisans when I can.

But, even if I was … – and? Since when is using one’s intelligence and creativity to support oneself a bad thing? Do you believe that writers, artists, teachers, etc. should be compelled to give their services away without just compensation? That’s called slavery, something I thought your kind were supposed to be against.    

This is my blog. I will promote whatever groups or projects I please here, especially my own. If you don’t like it, don’t read me. I don’t venture forth into any other part of the internet to “spam them” – and if you believe otherwise you are delusional or being deceived, and quite possibly both.  

The Year One calendar for the Bakcheion never got off the ground; it would have taken conventional American holidays and grounded them in Bacchic ritual, myth and milieu as a way to probe their deeper meaning. The aition for “Valentine’s Day” was chosen precisely because it was such a problematic story. It raises questions about sacrifice, love, obsession, loyalty, ethics and the place of the Gods in all of this. Wrestling with such matters – and avoiding easy, pat answers – seems a more worthwhile way to spend the day than accumulating cards, flowers, chocolates and other commercialized tokens of affection or worse, wallowing in despair and self-loathing because you don’t.  I apologize if you did not understand that. Clearly the American Canadian educational system has failed you. 

Now, is there anything else you wanted to know? 

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  1. There are, no doubt, SO MANY polytheists out there doing things wrong, by my standards, or being general asshats, that were I to seek them out and write lengthy take-downs of all of their beliefs and practices, I would have time for little else. Certainly no time left for devotion or ritual or magic of my own. I know because I used to engage in this behavior at least a little (though not to the level exhibited by these Tumblr folks, apparently) and it was a constant distraction, producing nothing of value.

    It does, however, provide a nice feedback loop of justified rage and cheering-on by others on the same “side” (until they aren’t), so I suppose that’s the payoff they are all looking for. Since clearly no substantial change in the world is going to result from them attacking a sometimes-blogger who is working within a relatively tiny tradition (considering most people in the world aren’t even aware of modern polytheism, not to mention the myriad specific subsets of it). But I suppose getting off their computers and going out into the world to confront actual Nazis and try to make a significant difference would be a lot of hard work, and scary to boot.

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  2. You know, I think there is a really interesting detail that needs further examination: the fact that their criticisms included the aition for Valentine’s Day on the Year One calendar. It died so soon that I barely even remembered we were going to do that. But I do remember that there were at least a few pages you had to read to get the information on what we were basing our holiday observances on.

    This would imply that these people actually had the patience to pour over all of those pages despite the fact that (if they have been long time detractors) they weren’t going to participate in these practices. Why? My guess would be to dig up dirt.

    To any of Sannion’s detractors, if you are reading this, I kindly ask that you answer this question: Why bother? If Sannion or his beliefs or practices are so unsavory to you then why engage with them? If you feel it is to “warn” people, why not treat it on a case to case basis if you know people interested in Sannion’s stuff as opposed to constantly following him just to gain proof? If he is already damned in your eyes then certainly past information is enough, yes? Why the need to constantly validate your own convictions? Speaking from my own experience, I can recall plenty of instances of myself coming into contact with thoughts or ideas I did not like in the various circles we run in. I don’t comment on them publicly unless they directly interacted with me. If I’m just a casual observer, I don’t say anything. I just don’t think about it. Why think about it? What is there to gain?

    I can only surmise that you take what Sannion says as a personal affront. You have every right to feel how you feel. But I must say that these reactions seem extreme. My sense of altruism bids me to advise you: you may need to seek help. I fear for your social and emotional health. I strongly encourage you to talk to a professional and see if there are some undelying issues as to why you react so viscerally to complete strangers with seemingly no bearing on your life. May Dionysos Euboleus heal you.

    There is nothing so firmly bound, whether by illness, by wrath, or by fortune that cannot be released by the Lord Dionysos.


    1. I noticed that. In a subsequent post they even complained about how difficult it was to track down the quote after I put up the new calendar – but they persisted and modified their post accordingly. That doggedness is truly appreciated. It’s also why I left out any direct references or links: they want it too bad.


      1. I think this confirms my hypothesis. Clearly these people are taking this personally. There is no reason anyone would put THAT much energy into spreading vitriol about you unless there was something they were getting out of this. These people have issues


    2. I would argue jealousy. Despite being fairly out-of-sight, Sannion is influential and respected. Many people erroneously believe that respect can be stolen simply through shitposting.


  3. One thing that I noticed is that the people are producing things about Polytheism and are keeping at it are often attacked. It is not just you, there are others who put their writings out there only to be made fun of or taken down a notch.

    I think what Dver wrote is true – there is a feed back loop of rage that feeds this activity. I wonder if there is a spirit or thoughtform that is feeding off of their rage and angst. It is seems the tone of the day on various social platforms is hysteria. I wonder if the Spirits of these platforms are behind all of this.

    Personally, I stay off most of this since my brain is limited in its hysteria tolerance.


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