Day V. To Hermes Charidôtês

O Muses, lift your melodious voices in praise
of grace-giving Hermes and his Lady,
the loud-crying Brimo who administers justice
to the souls in Haides. They met, it is said,
in a field of rushes beside a swiftly-eddying river
where the Good Shepherd had brought his charges down
for watering, and she had come to collect flowers and plait
crowns for her Queen and double Persephone
of the lovely harvest feast. While the flock munched
and drank and wandered shoreside, Hermes talked her up
and helped her find the prettiest flowers to pluck;
their hands touched, as each reached to grab
the same purple narcissus, then their eyes connected
in longing, and finally they were on the ground,
removing the hindrance of their clothing
while the animals around them
went about their oblivious business,
and all was right with the world.
For it is never wrong, O Maidens Nine,
to laud Hermes Nomios, the Lord
of Mount Kyllene and bearer of the long staff,
tireless, potent, expert searcher and keen interpreter of signs,
who does not forget or leave one hanging dry
or all tangled up, and in brambles.