Day VI. To Máni Nið

None other than Óðinn proclaimed
that the descendants of Askr and Embla
should invoke you Máni who makes things wane,
whenever barbed, stinking malice should come
between two or more of us; you know how to cut off,
pluck out, unweave, decontaminate, soothe
and repair malice-caused hurt and damage,
and more important still, you can teach us
how to remain always vigilant, caring
and communicative so that such poison
never again seeps into our treasured relationships.
And should the maliciousness come from outsiders
may you reflect it back upon them Máni
with your mirror-surfaced shield and radiant kopis
that thirsts for the blood of the wicked and deceitful.
And in return I shall keep the first of each month
in feast for you, and recite your hymns nightly.