political beliefs

I believe in freedom. I believe that freedom must be asserted by individuals and always fiercely and diligently defended by them. What is given may be taken away, and inevitably will be by those who seek power, unless their efforts are strenuously resisted. All political systems tend towards self-perpetuation and authoritarianism, often in direct proportion to their claim to serve the interests of the common man. Every tyrant begins as a liberator. Most genuinely believe that their actions, however cruel and stupid and corrupt, serve the greater good and are in his fellow man’s best interests. I do not recognize the legitimacy of any form of government or political system and reject wholesale their claim to hold power over me or dictate my behaviors. Consequently I do not participate in the political process in any form whatsoever. Although there are inescapable natural laws and divine laws, man’s laws may only be enforced through violence, and hold sway over the individual in direct proportion to the degree that he fears that violence. I do not. All they can do is destroy this physical body of mine – and I’m beating them to the chase through voluptuary indulgence and neglect. I oppose anyone who would dictate what I must do or say or believe, thereby curtailing my essential freedoms, whether that person claims to be of the left, the right or anywhere else on the political spectrum.