To Poseidon

Hail to you Poseidon,
dweller beneath the waves,
lover of all ocean life,
protector of those who sail upon the sea.
Your beard is like the moss that clings
to a rock on the shore,
and your eyes are like silver pools,
still and full of unfathomable secrets.
You shake the earth in your wrath,
and send out your fierce white horses
to trample our ports amid the surging waves.
Great is your power,
for you stand equal
with the Lord of Olympian heights
and he who receives many guests below the earth.
Wise are they who honor you,
O wielder of the trident,
for when you are favorable to men,
you share your rich bounty freely with us,
and ensure that no foreign force can attack us from the sea.
Accept this song of mine, Poseidon,
and I shall remember you with many more.