And now we come to the most alarming delusion of all …

3 thoughts on “And now we come to the most alarming delusion of all …

  1. The most frightening horror film I’ve seen in the last few months (and I’d say it ranks up here for years, though I’m not a horror aficionado) is last year’s film Eighth Grade, for exactly this reason.

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  2. A few days ago, I finished reading Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. The dramatized scenes of everyone on their phones in that clip is an almost daily occurrence for me when I’m walking to meetings in other buildings on my campus, even when the ground is icy like it has been over the past few days. (I’ve used the cave metaphor when talking about the digital world, too, but also the myth of Zagreus because phones are mirror-like entrancers.)

    My girlfriend and I watched the Fyre Festival documentary a bit ago and were completely blown away by Influencer culture. We’d both seen the word before and knew it was a modern social media profession, but I guess since neither of us has a Facebook or follows any Influencers on the sparse tools we do use, we didn’t realize that most people are engaged in a hyperfake clusterfuck whenever one checks a feed. She’s an artist and uses Instagram for portfolio purposes, and I use Twitter for the Classics/antiquity/philosophy polytheist bookworm subculture there.

    That long-winded stuff aside, thanks for sharing this video. I’m going to send it to people I know.


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