Day VII. To Dionysos Lampter

I call upon the Dionysos who shines
out of the vast gloom of the underworld,
torch-bearing, flame-haired wild redeemer
who wears the fawnskin spangled with stars,
dancing through the long Night
until greeted by Dawn’s rosy light,
he who spends the Day rushing through fields
of golden wheat and leaping over the highest cliffs
like a falcon with wide-stretched wings
or a long-maned lion who loves the hunt.
Uniter of opposites, dissolver of boundaries,
swirling polarity and equal measure Helios and Haides;
show yourself to us, you who were born again in the fire
Dionysos the Black Sun, God who creates through destruction.

2 thoughts on “Day VII. To Dionysos Lampter

  1. I’m sure it’s just me…but every time I see this epithet of Dionysos, I think to myself, “The Welsh Dionysos?!?” There is a town in Wales called Lampeter, where one of the branches of the University of Wales is located…and while there is very likely a “Welsh Dionysos” via various syncretistic connections, perhaps even with some of the characteristics you’ve outlined here, nonetheless one does go “!?!” at the thought as well. ;)


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