Divination fundraiser

Our cat is not doing well, and her vet bills are starting to pile up.

I’m not ready to start taking commissions for the Polytheist Hymnal project just yet, but I will be offering a variety of spiritual services and magical crafts to help fundraise, beginning with some mantikê or divination.

Although I have oodles of systems at my disposal for this I’m limiting it to just five methods:

  • Bibliomancy: $15 per question or 3 questions for $30. [Please specify which of the following you’d prefer – Dionysos, Hermes, Apollon, Freyja, Loki, Óðinn]
  • Toys of Dionysos: $10 per question.
  • Spiritual checkup (using 3 diagnostic systems): $50
  • Cartomancy: $8 for a 3-card spread
  • Devotional prescription: $5

10 thoughts on “Divination fundraiser

    1. Oooh, excellent. Although I started off with cartomancy I got out of the habit as I explored more Greek-derived methods. However over the last couple years I’ve picked up a couple novel decks, and this will give me a chance to test them out.

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  1. I’ll have to contribute to your funds. Let me wait until I have my paycheck come in and then I’ll get back to you and Galina on these services


  2. Very sorry to hear about your beloved Elena. I will request one of your services once I figure out what I want. Take good care. <3


  3. I hope and will pray that your cat will be better soon. It really sucks to give a cat up. I had to do it in 2020 and it hurts like hell. I’m curious what these two are: Spiritual checkup (using 3 diagnostic systems & Devotional prescription are about?


    1. Thank you. That means a lot.

      With the first I use three systems which focus on different areas of the querrant’s life to see if issues are developing, etc. I generally do it quarterly to stay up on stuff.

      The second is something I came up with when I had hit a block with my practices a while back. Basically I came up with 100 devotional acts which I wrote on strips of paper and put in a jar. When I want to connect, but am not sure how, I draw a strip out and follow the prescription.


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