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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Dver’s post on the Perchtenlauf she celebrated with a bunch of folks on New Year’s Eve.

Our household has similar plans, albeit on a much humbler scale, for tomorrow (which happens to be Epiphany or Three Kings Day) closing out our Yuletide observances, which began with Oski’s Day and have continued pretty much non-stop with Lucy’s Night, Modranacht, the Solstice itself, Christmas, the Kalends, etc. (Not to mention the 6 weeks of Sunwait leading up to it.) I’ve mostly been talking about Foundation Day here at the House of Vines, but there’s been a lot of sacrifices, feasting, gift-giving, reveling with the Gods and Spirits, and general festivities going on in our little home in the Hudson Valley during this season – to the point I’m almost ready for it to be over with. Almost being the operative word.

I hope you had a great time with whatever you celebrated. And if you’ve got the energy, check out Horn and Hearth’s posts on the house of Mundilfari and sacred time. Good stuff.

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  1. We started even earlier than Oski’s day with Sunwait…six weeks before 12/21. in thirty years, this is the first year that I’ve kept the ENTIRE Yule cycle. it’s awesome.

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  2. -cackles at ‘if you’ve got the energy’- thanks for including my blog series. Yule is such a busy time of year for sure. Tonight I honor Perchta and then I get a break until I rev up again for Charming of the Plough. Its a lot but so worth it.


    1. I love seeing folks keep these more authentic winter festive customs. Back when I was first coming up, Yule was pretty much just Pagan Christmas*, an excuse to buy a bunch of cheap Chinese-manufactured crap no one wanted or needed. Dressing up like monsters with jangly bells and setting shit on fire is way cooler if you ask me – and much more in line with our ancestral practices.

      * I’m by no means opposed to gift-giving, feasting, spending time with family and friends, etc. That’s very much a part of these customs too. It’s just not all that Yule’s about, and dressing up like monsters is objectively way cooler. I’m very much in favor of “both/and” or better yet “all of the above” – minus the cheap Chinese crap, as I’ve always preferred giving and receiving thoughtful, homemade items or failing that stuff from Etsy, since I have 0 practical skills, and if I’ve got to make it myself it’s gonna end up being weird porn stories or personalized divination systems.

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      1. What are you talking about, Sannion? You don’t write por…

        *Stops mid thought and remembers the time Sannion wrote a poem with a single line saying he wanted to anally finger the Woman in White*

        Oh. Wait. Yeah, you do.

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