An old conversation on a relevant topic

WordPress recommended this link on my last post, wherein I made some rather smart remarks to some interesting theological questions put to me by an old friend. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “An old conversation on a relevant topic

  1. This was a well needed old conversation, the bit where you go through the number of Gods and spirits you honor and how for daily practice that number drops with fingers to spare. Still a long way to go to maintain such a regular practice but it’s, comforting, perhaps, to know even such a devote person as you (Pope Sannion!) doesn’t honor All the Gods (that you do) all the time.


    1. Oh, not at all!

      Daily, it’s pretty much just Dionysos, Hermes, Arachne and Marijuana/Pasithea. Weekly, I’d add Ariadne, Freyja, Thor, Odin and Loki. Monthly, Herakles, Aphrodite, various members and groups within Dionysos’ Retinue, and assorted deities honored by my housemates. Occasionally as circumstances dictate others will come up… and that’s about it. In the past I used to honor more, but a lot of those relationships were contingent on roles I was performing, and work I was doing, and so kind of fell by the wayside once that was done. But even then it was never the entirety of a pantheon, let alone multiple pantheons.

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