What I do when I can’t do much

Each night I set aside some time to just sit and reflect on my Gods and Spirits. I push all other thoughts and concerns out of my mind to give them space in my head to do with as they please. It’s not prayer or meditation or an attempt to connect and communicate with them, though it can sometimes lead to those things. Most often I’m just thinking about them. How they have appeared to me in the past, the symbols and other things associated with them, myths and scholarly theories, songs and mantras and memorable bits of literature and poetry concerning them; all this I go over and get lost in. This is usually when I make my random connections and intuitive leaps which I later blog about. It’s just one of the devotional practices I have in my arsenal, and doesn’t take the place of the others – but it is something I can do to sustain my connection to them even through the fog of pain and illness when offerings, formal prayers and my ecstatic practices are a little harder to manage.


7 thoughts on “What I do when I can’t do much

  1. Excellent thing to do! BTW, I really like the picture you posted of the Olympian Gods. The artist even included Hestia. Sadly, some pictures of the Olympians don’t.


    1. Hestia doesn’t get anywhere near the attention she deserves. (Which is why there’s a popular custom within contemporary Hellenic polytheism that I never bother calling out, even though there’s next to no historical precedent for it.)


      1. Honestly? You probably should call it out. I’d rather be presented with the facts and make an educated decision coupled with a consultation with Hestia over whether or not She’d want me to engage with Her in that way as opposed to just blindly following something that there’s not even a precedent for. If people stop giving offerings to Hestia because of it then I’d say it’s their fault for not realizing that Hestia is worthy of worship in and of Herself and not just not just the Goddess you give offerings to as a formality


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