Wings & Crown

Wanna know another embarrassing admission? 

One of the things that contributed to the shift from Starry Bull to Starry Bear is that Heathens have better music. Laibach, Sólstafir, Wardrunna, Skuggsjá, Hexvessel, Heilung, Vévaki, Àrnica, Onuka, Eivør, Danheim, Hedninger, Gealdýr, Dakh Daughters, Żywiołak, Hagalaz’ Runedance, Agalloch, Sonne Hagal, Death in June, Fire + Ice, Ostara, Allerseelen, Waldteufel, Faun, Corvus Corax to name just a few. 

I’m kidding, of course.

I’m still active in both sides of the tradition it’s just that I have unresolved trauma over the implosion of the Thiasos I’m currently going through a period where there’s more activity and downloads from the Tívar, so that’s what’s reflected here on the blog.

On the Starry Bull side I’m presently researching the different Greek soul-parts from Homeric through pre-Socratic literature, before the tripartite Platonic soul takes over. (Which at least is better than the modern mind/body duality.) Not only do I think that schema is more accurate, it’s necessary for a type of Orphic shamanism, which will open up a whole new range of esoteric practices for the tradition. Especially if I can find correlates among the Egyptian or Norse soul-parts. But I’m running into some irksome obstacles, which is another reason I’m more Starry Bear focused.

Hmm. I wonder if I need the Black Sun piece first, before the soul-parts open up. 

9 thoughts on “Wings & Crown

      1. Working on that project was why I took the Toys class from you in ’16…and of course, that had its own momentum and direction for me that ended up heading in places I never expected (e.g. the collapse of my own religious community), but that’s a whole other matter! ;)


          1. Yes!

            To paraphrase an old lady in a Fry & Laurie sketch: “I remember the. year, because it was the year I took the class.” ;)

            Indeed, it was 2016, I went to Ireland (after 10 years of not going there!) in March on St. Patrick’s Day, and then at the end of that trip, had a real time of it due to some interference by one of the Toys that could have easily killed me. One does not forget such things! (Unless one does not survive!)


  1. Wardrunna is coming to my city for a concert in Oct! I definitely want to get tickets. ^_^


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