Expect much geekery to follow

Exciting news!

I got my hands on a PDF of G. M. Hirst’s “The Cults of Olbia,” originally published in The Journal of Hellenic Studies in 1903. Pretty much everyone working on the polis cites this monumental study, and now I get to read it for myself.

Expect much geekery to follow.

Oh, by the way – G. M. Hirst was Gertrude Mary Hirst, a lady-scholar back when it was pretty much just her and Jane Ellen Harrison. She taught at Barnard College from 1901 until retiring in 1943, and died in Croton, New York in 1962. She was “a demanding teacher and a well-known eccentric but was loved and respected” by her students, whom she would often invite back to her quarters in the college dormitory for tea and conversation. She was also notorious for flouting the law by “riding her bicycle down the centre of Broadway.” You can learn more about her at the Database of Classical Scholars

I may have to visit her grave at some point, cause she sounds like a pretty interesting person.

4 thoughts on “Expect much geekery to follow

    1. There’s some stuff you in particular may be interested in, as I haven’t seen much discussion of it elsewhere re Borysthenes the River-God. Copy and paste doesn’t seem to be working, but I’ll see if I can transcribe some of the more relevant bits.


      1. I have been hoping to find more on that, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there that is easily accessible…one reference in Herodotus that is more about Borysthenes’ daughter than the River God Himself, alas…So, definitely, let me know what you can find out! (Or, failing that, if you just want to send along the PDF, that would work, too!)


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