Starry Freyja

I found this image of Freyja over at r/polytheism, posted by u/Arkham_13 and entitled “Freyja, day 22 of Inktober [nsfw]”


For some reason it reminded me of Wolf Parade’s Lazarus Online:

And also the Etruscan Goddess Vanth.

Whom I’ve long suspected is this figure from the Villa dei Misteri:


Weirdly, whilst googling the last link this came up. 

9 thoughts on “Starry Freyja

  1. That first image makes me think of Hekate…but, if there is a potential syncretism between Freyja and Circe, then the Hekate connection is also there…!?!


    1. I can totally see that. And if memory serves the artist did a Hekate as part of their series. (And also a Dionysos that gave off strong Antinous vibes.)


            1. Some interesting stuff there! I don’t quite like the Dionysos as much, though I can see that there is some Antinoan influence amidst the Carmen Miranda elements, too…!?! ;)


                1. Yeah…and that kind of screams a particular mis-reading of a particular Antinous statue for which I am somewhat responsible…but not entirely.

                  The “Braschi Antinous,” now in the Sala Rotunda of the Vatican Museum, is often understood to be Antinous as Dionysos, and it’s certainly one of my favorite surviving statues of Him.

                  While there are a lot of Dionysian attributes to the statue, there may be some multi-syncretistic things going on with it, too. Turcan in Cults of the Roman Empire captions his head-shot of the statue as “Antinous Harpocrates.” On closer inspection, the protrusion on the front of His head amidst the crown is clearly some sort of flower…and probably a stylized but realistic lotus, as is found on many Harpocrates statues (including ones found at Hadrian’s Villa).

                  HOWEVER, back in the day, a certain person in the earlier group of which I was a part that you met and who produced a wealth of Antinoan images put about the rumor that it was a pinecone, not a lotus flower. Somehow, this filtered down through the ages into the other group of which I was once a part, and certain folks therein actually got real pinecones and placed them on their Antinous bust’s heads, and photos of this then made their way around…probably more widely than just in private groups and such. For all I know, these may be a part of the successor group’s public web presence at this stage, which this artist may have then “consulted” for ideas on this matter.

                  For my part, the Antinous the Navigator image I had commissioned and produced for my own work includes pinecones in His headdress, but not quite in this fashion. You can see that image here, if you like…



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