Top 13 Best Christmas Songs

#13: Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas

#12: Band Aid- Do they Know it’s Christmas

#11: Johnny Cash & Friends – Silent Night

#10: Greg Lake – I Believe In Father Christmas

#9: The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping

#8: Lemmy – Run Run Rudolph

#7: Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You

#6: Metallica – Turn The Page

#5: The Kinks – Father Christmas

#4: Jethro Tull – Christmas song

#3: Chris Brown – This Christmas

#2: Otis Redding – White Christmas

And the #1 best Christmas song is …

Bing Crosby & David Bowie – The Little Drummer Boy

Fight me if you disagree.

19 thoughts on “Top 13 Best Christmas Songs

  1. I’ve read that David Bowie was not a fan of his Little Drummer Boy performance with Bing Crosby. Great performance nonetheless!


  2. with the exception of “little drummer boy” and mayyyyybe the Elvis one, NO.

    1. Oh Holy Night
    2. We Three Kings (really an epiphany song but fight me)
    3. Lo, A Rose E’er blooming (medieval carol, mymom’s favorite)
    4. Carol of the Bells
    5. Little Drummer Boy
    6. Oh come oh come emmanuel
    7. Good King Wenceslas
    8. Angels we have heard on high
    9. Coventry Carol
    10. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman
    11. Seven Joys of Mary
    12. The Wassail Song or even better the Gloucester Wassail
    13. Do you hear what i hear.

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    1. Very much in your camp, Galina, on this matter…

      One could debate on the difference between “Christmas songs” (which I detest, and are generally only connected to Christmas because they have the word “Christmas” in them, despite their increasing popularity even amongst the crowd who wants to put the “X” back in “Xmas”!) and “Christmas carols” or “Christmas hymns,” which I’d argue have a religious meaning and intent as well as content–no matter how thin–which I just tend to find have more interesting and appealing tunes in most cases.

      I was not familiar with some of the ones you listed, Galina, nor many of those Sannion gave above…and I have only heard “Do They Know It’s Christmas” once earlier this month, and then on your list here, Sannion…and what I find interesting about it is how (relatively) good the tune is, and how upbeat both the sound of it and the performance of the musicians in the video is, but how rather appalling some of the lyrics are both in terms of their (perhaps ironic?) callousness as well as their self-indulgent and lacking in cultural sensitivity approach to this matter is…a very bizarre song, no doubt!

      But Bowie could make “Row Row Row Your Boat” sing-alongs with Gene Autry interesting, so there we are. ;)


  3. Back in 2013 a dude from San Antonio gained popularity for his LED Christmas Light shows at his home. It became so popular that he now has a business putting Lightshows on for others as well as teaching others how to put on their own displays. Here’s his show in 2016 at the San Antonio Zoo. Never thought Dubstep would go well with Christmas.

    Also here are my favorites….

    For Humor:

    For Awesomeness, you can’t beat Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

    For Sheer Beauty. Hands down the best rendition:

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  4. Not in a fighting mood, but I traditionally end my Christmas Festivities by paying Loreena McKennitt’a album, To Drive The Cold Winter Away. I love the whole album. Then I play Through the Snowy Trees by Autumn’s Grey Solace before I go to bed.


  5. You had forgotten Fairytale of New York by The Pogues, Sannion. It’s a classic.


    1. Many people in Ireland consider that to be the best Christmas song EVAR, whereas I know a lot of folks in the U.S. think it is one of the worst…I don’t agree with the U.S. folks, but whatever!

      None of the songs listed here, at their worst, are as bad as “The Christmas Shoes,” though…


      1. Especially if I were to do both.

        That’s the worst thing about murder, after all: the clean-up afterwards. ;)

        Yay, it’s Christmas! Nothing says “Christmas” like murder, eh?

        (Speaking of which, have you heard The Chieftains featuring Elvis Costello’s “St. Stephen’s Day Murders” song? That’s another good one that could have made your list!)


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