Payment for services rendered

So I’m looking through a collection of inscriptions when I come across this list of priestly perquisites and other sacrificial expenses for the deme of Aixone in Attica, which includes the following:

For the priestess of Dionysos Anthios: as priestly emoluments: 5 dr.; the skin of the he-goat; on the table, a thigh, a side of hip, a half-head stuffed with intestines. (CGRN 57)

In all my time serving Dionysos and his community no one has given me half a goat’s head stuffed with intestines.

10 thoughts on “Payment for services rendered

  1. They sell some at the African market in Springfield. When I get some money I’ll buy you a goat head and I’ll see if they can throw in some intestines


  2. I wonder if it was cooked for gifting, the half goat head I mean. Oh dear. I assume it was a goat head. What if it wasn’t?


    1. The scholar who was analyzing the inscription said that while it was possibly presented as is, it was also possible that they made it into a kind of sausage or headcheese. These are the fascinating details of ancient religion we don’t often consider – the sounds and sights and smells of it, and the small, practical aspects they didn’t bother writing down because they were so commonplace.

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  3. Could make for a very interesting ‘church’ cookbook for fundraisers–Dionysian goat headcheese; “barley again?”, transforming a staple into a dish the kids will beg for; 10 delicious ways to cook goat thigh.


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