I can see why this got bumped up


Library of Insanity will explore Dionysos and his Retinue through the lens of several divination systems rendered poetically.

It begins as a kind of Bacchic Fasti, showing us Dionysos through the:

  • Seasons
  • Months
  • Festivals
  • Days of Our Heroes & Heroines

Then moves on to cover:

  • Dionysos shows Freyja the Toys
  • The Paths of Ecstasy
  • The Crown of Ariadne
  • The Leaves of Dionysos
  • Bacchic Retinue Tarot
  • Our Starry Symbols
  • The Net of Arachne
  • The Labors of Herakles

And closes with Freyja teaching Dionysos the Runes.



  1. Curioser and curiouser…

    On a related topic: do you think Dionysos has any connection to or familiarity/facility with the Ephesia Grammata, or is that more (or perhaps “too”!) Apollonian/Artemisian rather than Dionysian? I know the answer to the first, but wondered your thoughts particular on the second, part of this question. ;)


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