A veritable library of insanity


Since finishing the household hymns book I have been working on a bunch of small projects that will hopefully culminate in a Big Reveal around the vernal equinox. I have also been thinking a lot about the Black Star Rising cycle. I am mothballing all of the books discussed here except the one on the Retinue and writing a volume to wrap it all up with a pretty, pretty bow. That will cap things off at 13, a suitably Dionysian number (and one already proposed within the series.) The remaining 4 or 5 will be rolled over and serve as the nucleus of a new cycle set after the end of the world, which I am tentatively calling Golden Dawn. I think I will make this one 9 books long. It remains to be seen if I will also write Red and White cycles. It would be kind of cool to have a master saga of 33 separate but interconnected books when this is all over. A veritable library of insanity. 


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