Or maybe Dark Gold

The poll has closed, with Nightmares, Ecstasies, Terrors netting 50% of the vote. Everyone who participated has been awarded free admittance to one of my classes next time I’m offering them. Everyone else – well, you didn’t vote so you’ll just have to accept whatever madness and depravity comes down the line. Fucking democracy, amirite?

Thankfully this blog is a benevolent dictatorship and the next poetry book I’ll be working on is Waiting for the Sun. I’ll be liveblogging it this time around too. Here’s a playlist I put together for it.  



  1. So either something just came up and it elicits this new book that wasn’t one of the other ones you teased or this was a stunt to tease Waiting for the Sun lol

    Either way, I look forward to this new addition to the SLU (Sannion Literary Universe)


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