I’m often asked what order the books of my “Black Star Rising” cycle should be read in. My usual answer is, “however they grab you” but that’s not terribly helpful or, strictly speaking, true.

There is an overarching continuity even if they haven’t been published chronologically, each volume can be read as a stand alone, the books change meaning depending on the order in which they are read, they often jump around and revisit the same events from differing perspectives (and possibly alternate realities) and several of them are taking place simultaneously.

Here is the list I’ve drawn up so I, personally, can keep track of things – though I plan to do an exhaustive reread-through once Catharsis is published which may result in my tweaking the order a bit.

  • Everything Dances: Strange Spirits 3
  • What Flowers in the Dark: A Poetic Journey Through Anthesteria
  • Gods and Mortals: New Stories of Hellenic Polytheism
  • End to End
  • Strange Spirits Volume One
  • Nightmares, Ecstasies, Terrors
  • THIS IS NOT AN EXIT: Strange Spirits Volume II
  • Wine Dark
  • Catharsis: a sequel to Gods and Mortals
  • Pandæmonium and Silence
  • Monstrous Things
  • Going Forth
  • Rise from the Ashes
  • Old Myths From Before the Dawn
  • Revelry
  • Kingdom Come

Forthcoming volumes have been marked red. These are subject to change at whim. 

What are these new books about? Tell us, Sannion, tell us! 

Well, OK. Nightmares, Ecstasies, Terrors (or NET) is going to be an introduction to various members of Dionysos’ Retinue. Catharsis you already know about. Rise from the Ashes will answer questions posed in previous volumes and complete the apocalyptic portion of our story. Old Myths From Before the Dawn is going to cover an assortment of Starry Bear myths. Revelry gives the stories behind the Starry Bear festival cycle. And Kingdom Come will pick up the narrative arch after the end by chronicling the founding and early years of a fictional far-right Greco-Norse polytheist commune.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I sure think so.

But before I get to all that I’m going to finish sets of Daily Prayers for Mani, Thor, Sigyn and Hermes because I love these Gods (and my wife and I are having a contest I have every intention of winning.)

Busy times here at The House of Vines. I hope all of my beautiful readers have yourselves a wonderful Summer Solstice and John the Baptist Feast.    



  1. you’ll probably win. I keep getting distracted by thesis revisions. lol But that’s ok. I will steal the book.


  2. Happy Solstice to you too, Sannion! Thanks for listing all your books in the order you would read them.


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