How was yours?

I had a wonderful Walpurgisnacht – how about you?

After paying cultus to the Sorceresses of the Starry Bear line I went on a meandering, intoxicated ramble through the forest and cemetery near our home, stopping periodically to leave offerings for the Bacchic Fairies and Landvættir. At one point there was a shadowy line across the road; I knew once I stepped over it I would be in the Otherworld. So I stopped, ceremoniously extended my foot then brought it back, extended it, brought it back and then I gave a great whoop and jumped over the limen. Everything became brighter, flatter, heightened the way things are on salvia divinorum. I ran around hugging trees and calling out to Dionysos’ Furious Host until I reached a babbling brook whose swerving, pebbled streams feed this bioregion so dear to my heart. Earlier in the day my golden sonnenrad that had so mysteriously disappeared was returned to me, in a place multiple people had thoroughly searched. I was wearing it for the dérive on a cord of black calfskin; without thinking my hand reached up, tore it from my throat and tossed it into the body of water, a spontaneous gift of the light, warmth, and potency of the Sun’s treasure to the land that it might throw off winter’s shackles. I then climbed to the highest peak in the neighborhood and scattered a bunch of marijuana to share my joy and ecstasy with the Spirits of this place. On the way home I encountered a plump opossum waddling up the street. I howled in joy and shouted, “Come live with me opossum; I will teach you stagecraft and how to sing Orphic hymns and make you many adorable little outfits to wear!” At which point he broke into a frantic run and someone turned on their porch light, so I hustled home lest the cops be called and the festivities brought to a premature end. Whether in my haste or because it was no longer there I did not see the shadowy boundary line, so I think that means I’m forever trapped in Fairyland. Sweet.

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  1. It’s a shame that there aren’t more opportunities for opossums to study stagecraft.


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