This is just the beginning

Over the last couple months: the Black Sun has manifested. There has been an increase in volcanic and tectonic activity in Italy, especially around Etna and Vesuvius. A bunch of churches in France and the American South have suffered attacks and blasphemous defilement. On the same day as the Notre Dame conflagration Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque burned. Mainstream media, big tech and big government are conspiring to suppress political dissenters in the United States, Europe, China and Latin America even as riots, coups and violent clashes are taking place throughout much of the world. Societal norms are dissolving and divisive politics are rampant. Diseases long vanquished are returning and new highly resistant viruses are emerging. Coulrophobia has reached record levels.

Why, it’s almost as if we’re living through one of my poetry books.

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