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My wife was recently doxxed by some mouth-breathing Antifa member who likely lives in his mother’s basement and never sees the Sun unless there is some free speech to squash at the local university.

Let’s be honest, we all expected this to happen sooner or later but the reasons he gives are truly astounding.

Her crimes?

As well as being anti-SJW, she’s also intolerant of other religions. She wants nothing to do with them and holds an elitist view of her religion in looking down upon others. She wants to mate only within the religion and she supports patriarchial conceptions of a dowry and arranged marriages. She also has troubling ideas about duty to art. She’s fatphobic and she’s against “progress” if it stands in the way of her gods or religion.

Booo! Hiss!!!

Wait … what?

So believing that skinny people tend to be healthier than the obese (an opinion shared by medical science, for what it’s worth) as well as holding views that the majority of members of Jewish, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Druze, Yazidi, Romani, etc communities as well as many traditional and indigenous populations all share makes her a Nazi? Does that mean they’re all Nazis too? Damn there are a lot of Nazis in the world today. And here I thought National Socialism was a specific cultural, economic and political movement which differed significantly in ideology and execution even from Italian, Spanish and Eastern European expressions of Fascism. Nope. Everyone you disagree with (no matter how trivially) is a card-carrying Nazi these days. 

Of course, this also begs the question – how does believing in marrying within one’s faith community, having dowries and shidduch and a serious commitment to art harm anyone, especially when she is not seeking to impose any of that on others, particularly disinterested outsiders? Now, if she starts advocating for these things at gunpoint you might have a valid critique (though I’m still not certain that’d make her a Nazi) but she doesn’t so you don’t. Until then these are just, like, her beliefs man. 

I was equally confused by his attempts to damn her through association, mentioning her “close ties” to Raven Kaldera, a transman and lifelong advocate for trans rights and inclusion who apparently suffers from transphobia and racism:

Galina has also worked with and supports a transphobic transgender intersex person, Raven Kaldera, who has also published books about paganism. In the past, Raven has spouted all sorts of transmisogyny, anti-trans violence, and racism. […] Raven also seems to mix BDSM with paganism, and he calls himself an “ordeal master”. Ordeals are the act of putting assumably consenting parties through situations that can involve intense physical and mental pain in order to attain some sort of “spiritual” consciousness and can be a form of worship in the religious practice. Consenting parties should be fully free to engage in indulgent behavior; the problem, though, is that Raven has been accused of abusing naive people who are new to paganism who end up getting raped. He’s also been accused of falsely linking sadistic sexual acts to the Hindu Kavadi ceremony and the Lakota Sun Dance, which has been called misappropriation and racist.

Dude, that sounds like kink-shaming to me. Not cool. Not cool at all.

He also links her to Wayland Skallagrimsson:

Unsurprisingy, she’s also anti-PC and anti-SJW, anti-“censorship”, and pro-free speech that includes platforming fascists. She’s linked to some articles by Wayland Skallagrimsson who has talked fondly of the hammerskins and espoused proto-fascist ideas of hierarchy and anti-PC/anti-SJW sentiment.

Which I find especially amusing as she last saw him at a Heathen gathering nearly a decade ago. Further, as Wayland himself chimed in:

I was fighting fascists before you were a gleam in your daddy’s eye. I have, as a result, had more credible death threats than you’ve had stiff drinks. Don’t *%#^$! Tell me I am not sincere enough for you, and so I am really a fascist myself. What have you actually accomplished? What risks have you run?

But that’s not the extent of Galina’s “sins.” She also promotes free speech and doesn’t advocate for religiously or politically motivated violence:

In a few posts on Galina’s blog, she attempts to paint herself as not being a nazi and holding to the position that nazism is harmful, but she contradicts herself all over the place stating that she’s anti-antifa and that fascists like Richard Spencer shouldn’t be punched in the face. In a few places, she even states that she falls along the center of the political spectrum and puts forth tired “both sides” talking points. She immediately contradicts this, though, by going on with anti-antifa and pro-free speech tirades.

Just sickening how she won’t physically assault people she disagrees with and wants to have the opportunity to argue them down in public forums. Sickening, I tell you.  

Of course if the anonymous coward who doxxed her or his degenerate and mentally unhinged buddies decide to show up at our home or on campus and take a run at her, well, I can promise in a paraphrase of Liam Neeson that those poor bastards are going to have a very bad day, despite my wife’s commitment to tolerance, free speech and pacifism.  

I do not suffer from such ethical constraints, and I am very protective of what is mine. 



  1. I don’t even know where to begin with why that doxx article is incredibly problematic.

    I think the clincher is when it talks about the “failings of religion”. Let’s be for real here: even if you agreed with everything this thing is saying about Galina (I don’t agree), if you are a Polytheist you should take issue with the stance this piece took on religion. In that line, this piece attacked ALL of us. That’s a red flag. This went from an undeserved attack on one person to an attack on all of us. Just keep that in mind, everyone.

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    • Indeed. Even those who completely reject everything any of the aforementioned polytheists have to say should remember that in situations like this, they will eventually make their way through supposed “enemies” to someone or something you care about. We should remember this classic and chilling poem (which was, ironically, written about the actual, historical Nazis – the ones who, you know, killed a whole bunch of people… and on a side note, as someone who is part Jewish, I am getting really sick of seeing everything equated to them, it’s actually detracting from the impact of the lesson we should have learned there):

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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  2. “especially when she is not seeking to impose any of that on others”

    This is possibly the most critical point. All she is doing is stating her opinions on things, and the way she thinks is proper (often only for a certain group). The only ones advocating violence or enforcement toward anyone here are the ones getting frothy at the mouth over her blog posts…which is all they are, blog posts. She has no power to force this on anyone, nor is she making even the tiniest attempt to do so. The most she can do with her words is sway some minds regarding their own behavior, and anyone is free to try to do that.

    Growing up with “1984” and the like, I always assumed that the thought-police BS would come from the super conservatives, but it just goes to show that if you go too far to the extreme in either direction, the attitudes basically become the same thing. None of them want actual freedom, they just want their own brand of control to win.

    (Also, can I just say it boggles my mind that they are attacking Raven – who was advocating for trans rights and promoting visibility WAY before it was fashionable to do so – just because he uses a term that has fallen out of favor but used to be used widely in a completely trans-positive way. This acutely reveals their true agenda and priorities, as it’s all about saying the right words and nothing at all about actually supporting each other.)

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    • The ability to organize an angry mob has always transcended politics. Anyone can create a faceless enemy because humans are fearful, shivering, hairless primates and easily led.

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    • No, I don’t think that if the ACTUAL fascists went away, so would Antifa, since at least some of them have obviously gone rabid and are attacking anyone that remotely rubs them the wrong way. They would simply keep finding so-called “fascists” amongst, as we see here, even disabled trans minority-religion kink-friendly activists (all things they supposedly support) because they used the wrong keywords or associate with the wrong people.

      And come on, no one who can think critically is going to fall for doxxing being freedom of speech. It is the complete opposite – it is meant to silence someone else’s speech by threatening their safety. (Oh wait, I forgot, freedom of speech should only belong to those who have the right opinions. /s) Obviously the goal is intimidation if not much worse, with the potential to cause the subject direct tangible harm, if not by the person doxxing, by some maniac on the internet who now has a ton of ammunition at their disposal. One of the first times the general public became aware of this practice was with GamerGate, which was an attack on women and feminism roundly denounced by exactly the same types of people who now comprise Antifa. It was a deplorable tactic then and it is now – but to realize that would require values that were not entirely relativistic.

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    • Doxxing is a despicable cowardly act. An act without honor. It is terrorism, plain and simple. An attempt to instil fear and silence disagreement. Frankly, I believe that the kind of people who dox people are cowardly little neckbeards living in their parents’ basements, so cowardly that they dare not ever speak up in public. It lets them pretend to be accomplishing something, pretend to be a “warrior for the cause,” all while continuing to hide away from where they could ever be hurt. The same sort of mentality that leads to wife-beating and child abuse. Probably half of them are on incel forums.

      And let me tell you something, kid, ‘Talk shit, get hit’ only applies when you have the nads to go do the hitting in person. You know, where you can get hit back.

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    • Really? You’re really going to say that right now? Did you miss the part about Galina being Sannion’s wife? Literally people are threatening this guy’s wife and your response is “Talk shit, get hit” on the man’s own blog? You couldn’t even have the decency to say it somewhere else? That’s just cold.

      And no, doxxing is not freedom of speech. Sharing someone’s information with the intent of opening them up to harm is not freedom of speech. That’s being an asshole. You have a right to call someone names but sharing someone’s personal information is just wrong

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  3. I read the whole site. He seems to have a beef with a lot of people.

    From looking at Galina’s write up, he gets a lot of his material from the tmblr people who “hate follow” her. One ring leader in particular has been at it for at least 11 years. I have no idea what that’s about, other than this person has decided that Galina must be erased from the earth.

    I believe that this is internet trolling, etc disguised as “virtue.” It is trolling and nothing more.


    • If Kenaz’s info is correct, the poster seems to have been an author on Medium writing about “Christian” stuff, who then may have suffered a loss or Dark Night event and gone full-blown Evangelical Atheist.

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