To Hermes the Rememberer

For Sparrow.

Prayerful words I send to you in abundance,
O Hermes who favors a mind both clever and creative,
but never should your shrine bowl be empty of wine,
nor your plate without a pile of offerings and sweet treats,
for you, Lord of the snake-twined rod, uniquely among the Gods
knows what it is to have a belly gnawed by hunger,
and worse, nothing you can give
to alleviate your dear mother’s suffering.
But you turned that paucity into a weapon,
a gadfly of scheming that would not rest
until it saw you counted among the greats
of gleaming Mount Olympos,
elevated even to the position
of mighty Zeus’ confidant and fixer.
And Maia saw it too, for you arranged
for her to be welcomed among the beautiful ones,
the Goddesses who know only joy, and wealth
and light-hearted laughter in the golden dance-hall
where they hold their lavish masquerades;
she is so happy it is as if her humble origins
had been completely forgot.
But you remember, Kindly One,
and that is why you spend so much time
among the beggars and thieves,
or wandering alone the long open roads.
Master of chance, collector of magic tricks,
good with a knife and better with his words,
friend of dogs, guide of ghosts, protector of the outcast,
unrivaled conman and expert seducer, Hermes I hail
with a glad heart, for you are quick to aid
and generous in the blessings you bestow
to your human flock, far-seer and wide-traveler.
Remember me, and I will worship you always.

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