Over the weekend we’re going to be finalizing our household’s festival calendar for 2019 e.v., no mean feat considering how many Gods and Spirits have shrine space under our roof. Let’s just say there’s going to be a lot of divination and negotiation happening over the next 48 hours. (Which means it would be an opportune time to request a reading. Just sayin’.)

Things are a bit simpler at the Bakcheion (the ritual space that was formerly my study) since I’ve just got Dionysos and his synnaoi theoi to contend with. And boy, do I have something neat planned for Year One. 

Want a tease?

Of course you do. I’ve trained my audience well.

Here are some names and dates:

  • Kallirrhoëia – Καλλιρρόηια
    Date: February 14
  • Kathegemonia – Καθηγεμόνια
    Date: March 17
  • Kapnobatia – Καπνοβατια
    Date: April 20
  • Komos – Κῶμος
    Date: May 1
  • Klodonia – Κλώδωνια
    Date: June 14
  • Kolotia – Κολώτια
    Date: July 3-4
  • Kibotia – Κιβώτια
    Date: August 1
  • Kirkoia – Κίρκοια
    Date: September 2
  • Kephalaia – Κεφάλαια
    Date: October 14
  • Kakodaimonia – Κακοδαίμωνια
    Date: October 31
  • Kairosia – Καιρόσια
    Date: November 28
  • Katabolia – Καταβολια
    Date: December 31

The rest (including pronunciation guide) you’ll just have to patiently wait for, my lovelies. 

[Note: the image above is the Firefighter’s Flag, used with utmost respect and gratitude.]


  1. Is it coincidental, or simply in the interests of alliteration, that they all start with kappa? (It’s great that kappa is not only the letter “k” in Greek, but a particular water-spirit in Japanese culture, and part of the name of one of my favorite types of sushi…!?!)


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