The Spirits of NOW

Let’s play a game!

Take the following elements from our calendar:

White; Magician; The Nymphs & Satyrs
Kissos (Κισσός) = Ivy
Stephanos (Στέφανος) = Flower Crown

And make a piece of art reflecting that particular face of our God. It can be through any medium: drawing, painting, assemblage, mask-making, pottery, dance, mime, puppetry, song, music, video, poem, essay, etc.

On the noumenia of Stephanos (February 5th, by the common reckoning) we will crown the victors. I’ll think up a cool prize, like a personally signed copy of Frenzy, or a voucher for a free reading.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

Here is a playlist to help get you in the mood. 


  1. The pure death comes,
    Altering my reality.
    It wraps around me like soft arms and I shiver.
    I laugh with lust as
    It intertwines my innermost self.
    I’m ensnared
    And my soul blooms anew!


  2. You have the most awesome contests/projects for us to participate in! Very cool indeed!

    Petros – I love your poem!


  3. The Magus

    I call the vapors into my mind and sing of the brilliant whiteness

    As pure as sea foam and of the pure race Asterion belongs to now

    The bleached bones of pristine pallor

    From the bones and with ancestors appeased

    The fetishes of magic take shape and form

    He stands and rises from the muck of third-father sins

    Fully armed with cock and cunt He combined the opposites

    Fire and water combined in this Mask God

    He rose from ordeals and is now shaman king

    The dead through pussy-prick power climb ivy snakes

    The snake leads lads and lasses to satyr and nymph form by surmounting the flowery keter

    The Great Work is manifest in the elder forest


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