He Returns

Although my blogging hiatus was quite fruitful it is good to be back.

So, what have you guys been up to in my absence?

Me? Well, I did some serious revisions and writing on Frenzy (though not as much of the latter as I would have liked; this book is sure making me work for it!) I significantly retooled my religious practice, set a number of personal and professional goals for 2019 e.v. and rededicated The Bakcheion so it can be used to manifest community both online and locally. The last week+ has been a constant stream of Winter festivities (part of the fun of belonging to a blended polytheist household) the only downside of which is the mountainous backlog of e-mails I’ve now got sitting in my inbox. (Thank you for your patience; I promise I will get to yours as soon as I am able.)

One of the goals I set for myself is to get back into teaching. Which of the following classes would you be interested in:

  • The Toys of Dionysos
  • The Leaves of Dionysos
  • The Tokens of Dionysos
  • The Symbols of Dionysos
  • Meet the Bacchic Retinue!
  • Foundations of Dionysian devotion
  • Spiritual Defense and Psychic Hygiene
  • Keeping the festivals of Dionysos

If there’s something else you’d like to see offered, please leave a comment below. 



  1. I know the Toys fairly well at this stage; I’m familiar with the Leaves, and fairly fluent with the Symbols…but the Tokens I’m drawing a total blank on at this point.

    I know what you mean by re-tooling one’s religious practice, though…I just found out that one of the things I’ve done for years is now no longer desired/appropriate for my own devotions, but that its potential replacement has not yet been identified, so I’m kind of in limbo over certain things now for a while until the replacement emerges. It’s a weird thing, certainly…


    • The Tokens are what I’ve taken to calling my Bacchic Orphic adaptation of the Greek alphabet oracle.

      Uggh. It’s really challenging when that happens, but if we embrace the process it can lead to a deeper and more authentic connection with our Gods and Spirits. Who knows, maybe these classes will help spur on inspiration!


      • You know, I’m still trying to find the time to follow-up/complete the inspiration the last of the classes I took with you (the Toys in early 2016!) resulted in, i.e. the project I’ve been calling “Polydeukion’s Toybox,” and much else associated with the Trophimoi…however, certain other things have to occur first, e.g. the book I’m nearly finished with now, the “Studies in Foundational Polytheism” series (3 volumes, nearly ready also), two to three other devotional books (the Antinoan aretalogical devotions book, a book on eschatology, and my big collection of poems/hymns to Goddesses…all three of which are also nearly done), and the next two volumes of the Tetrad++ work…eeesh! So many things to do, so little time…and that’s not even all of the “nearly done” books. But anyway, yes, that would be very intriguing to take as a course…

        Today was the first day my new (or revised) marching orders have been carried out, specifically regarding the matter of the Book of Books (and the Bag of Bags), which I am no longer required to carry with me every time I leave the island. I understand why this is occurring, but I feel kind of naked not having it…and in the uncertainty of what is going to replace it, I’m struggling a bit. But, this is how we learn, after all…and I didn’t realize how many other things are also impacted by that practice which will now require revision, or at least adaptation! But anyway…


          • Indeed! It’s one (amongst so many!) of the reasons why at least becoming familiar with other things can aid one’s own practice so often, even when they seem to be rather tangential…But, then again, I have a highly syncretistic practice, and so almost anything in Greek, Roman, or Egyptian spheres is going to be potentially relevant in some direct fashion, and stuff in wider cultural spheres is also likely to be at least useful as a comparandum, if nothing else.


  2. Hey! Welcome back Sannion!

    I vote for pretty much all of them. I’ve been needing to get back to basics, so alot of this would be very helpful to me.

    I have a question though….what happened to Starry Bear? I presume it’s been put on hold.


    • Thanks for the input!

      Starry Bear’s proceeding apace. We’re working out the details through our household cultus, I’m doing a bunch of research and laying the foundations through Frenzy and we’ll probably be ready to craft a public expression of it later in the year.


  3. All the topics look very good but I am interested in Dionysos’s Retinue. It’s good to have you back. ^_^


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