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When I am back from the blogging hiatus I am going to launch a new website, a virtual temple to Dionysos called the Bakcheion. It is going to contain a lot of information about the God and his worship, including a body of daily and monthly devotional practices we can perform together.

I have also compiled a slightly different calendar for 2019 e.v. which I will be posting material about here at the House of Vines over the course of the year.

To begin with the calendar is lunisolar and divided into four seasons. Each season is associated with one of the cardinal Bacchic Orphic colors, and has been consecrated to a different aspect of Dionysos, as well as a portion of his Retinue. Rather than adhere to a  Greek naming convention as I have in years past, this time each month has been assigned one of Dionysos’ symbols for us to work with and reflect upon.

All of which breaks down as follows:

White (January to March) = Magician = The Nymphs & Satyrs
Gold (April to June) = King = The Fairies & Goblins
Red (July to September) = Hunter = The Furious Host
Black (October to December) = Fool = The Harlequinade

Month names:
Kissos (Κισσός) = Ivy: January/February
Stephanos (Στέφανος) = Flower Crown: February/March
Thyrsos (Θύρσος) Fennel Staff: March/April
Nebris (Νεβρίς) = Fawnskin: April/May
Kantharos (Κάνθαρος) = Cup: May/June
Prosopon (Πρόσωπον) = Mask: June/July
Kothornos (Κόθορνος) = Hunting Boot: July/August
Diktya (Δίκτυα) = Net: August/September
Pelekus (Πέλεκυς) = Double-axe: September/October
Botrus (Βότρυς) = Grape-cluster: October/November
Boukranion (Βουκράνιον) = Bull Skull: November/December
Athyrmata (Αθύρματα) = The Toys: December/January

See you on the flip side.

Hail Bacchic Dionysos! Io! Io evohe!

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