Dionysiac baroque

I finished listening to Dead Can Dance’s latest release Dionysus, and have been sitting with my thoughts for the better part of an hour now.

I liked it … I guess. I mean, really, how could I not? That thing could just be 32 minutes of Brendan Perry repeating his name and I’d be all, “Cool, man.”

In that regard it certainly didn’t disappoint. Some of it was very moving in fact. And I can even see myself using a couple songs in ritual. It’s just, well, the whole thing felt a little …  — Alexandrian, if you catch my drift. 


Imagine how this tapestry sounds:





  1. It is interesting to hear this from you now…I haven’t heard the album yet, but was excited for i.

    I’ve often felt that Dead Can Dance is strongest when they’re “not trying to say something,” if that means anything…their songs that have names like “Ariadne” and so forth are interesting, but their songs that are made-up words and only have vocables and glossolalia are the ones that drive a wedge into me much more effectively…at least up to now.

    Hmm. Well, the only way to know for sure in the present case is to get a hold of it, eh? ;)


  2. My copy arrives tonight. I’m eager to hear it. Their last album, while still good, felt a bit sterile and over-engineered to me. The tour promoting it was still a beautiful experience.
    Dead Can Dance!


    • It arrived. I listened to it. It left me feeling…nothing. I say that with no pleasure at all.


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