A frenzied storm is coming


Here is the table of contents for Frenzy, so that you may keep track of its progress. Note that the links go to very rough drafts of articles which may undergo substantial revision before seeing publication. I’ve included parenthetical synopses for the rest.

Is that you Dionysos?
[How I came to know Dionysos, and what that’s done to my life.]

Dionysos in the Northlands

Behind the Mask

Carried Away
[Anticipated criticism.]

The Rose of Mysterious Union

The Union of Mysterious Roses
[Freyja as Kirke.]

“Here We Are Again”
History of the Harlequinade: Part One
From the birth of tragedy to Orpheus’ feud with the Fairy King

“Gli Innamorati”
History of the Harlequinade: Part Two
From the burial mound to the circus ring

Lord of Flies, Vipers and Spiders
[Loki in the Mediterranean.]

Mask and man
[Hamlet and the missing pieces of Óðr.]

Wearing the faces of the Blessed Martyrs
[Constantine, Genesius, Denys, January, Martin, Tryphon Zarezan, Ivan Kupela, Rasputin and Charles Manson.]

Spinning Wheel
[Reflections of Freyja in fairy tales.]

Honey Thief’s Waggon
[A constellation of Starry Bear myths and mysteries.]

Limping through the wheat fields
[The Vanir and cults of Asiatic ecstasy.]

Walking in Smoke
[Black Sea Bacchic shamanism.]

On Black Sun Day
[Why it belongs to Óðr, not Saturn.]

By Kronos’ sickle and the cock of François
[How lovely the vineyards of Southern France are.]

Ring Composition
[Bacchic Utopianism.]


  1. Sounds very interesting, Sannion! Can’t wait to read what you have to say about Rasputin.

    Question for you: You consider Constantine to be a martyr of Dionysos? Why is that?


  2. Shut up and take my money!

    I mean: yeah, that sounds cool. ;) Perhaps you can autograph my copy at a certain ‘Zoo, which is exactly that and much else…!?!.


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