My gift to you.


Since today is my birthday I am going to begin creating a new divination system modeled on the Greek, Phoenician and Hebrew alphabet oracles.

A lot will be packed into these, including cleansings, prescriptions, myths for reflection, devotional suggestions, etc. as well as the Letters’ more esoteric associations. I’m also going to forge bonds between the individual Letters and members of Dionysos’ Retinue so that they can be used as doors, sigils and other fun magical tools.

I will begin offering readings with the Letters on November 1st, if all goes according to plan. Basic readings will run $28 while more esoteric workings are likely to be in the $50-75 range.

I don’t know if I will be offering training in this system to the general public, though that may be something I make available for Friends of the Kingdom (or FOKers for short.)

Something you can help with – regardless of your affiliation – is determining what we shall call them. Thus far I am considering:

  • The Alphmego
  • Orphic Elements (Ὀρφικά Στοιχεῖα)
  • Kadmeian Letters (Καδμεια Γράμματα)
  • The 24 Keys or Seals (Κλεῖς or Σφραγῖδας)
  • The Charaktêres (Χαρακτῆρες)
  • Óðr’s Zauberzeichen (magic signs)
  • or simply “Bacchic Runes”

What do you guys think?


  1. I like the Kadmeian Letters too! Can’t wait to get the new div. done by you.

    Happy Birthday to one of the coolest Libras I know! ^_^


  2. Happy Birthday! Best Wishes for many more.

    I’m partial to ‘Bacchic Runes’ for a title.


  3. I like Kadmeian Letters (to go with the Ephesia Grammata!)…but, I wonder if something even a bit more esoteric based on that might be appropriate, e.g. the “Crane Letters” or something like that? Hmm…


  4. Oddly enough, I was thinking about you yesterday… just kind of randomly. Happy birthday!


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