But wine is still the superior beverage. Obviously. 


Look, I didn’t mean to “drink shame” anyone. I like beer just fine; hell, back in Eugene where my neighborhood alone had four professional microbreweries beer was my primary form of liquid intoxicant. I also used it sacramentally to connect with the local face of Dionysos. Polytheism is flexible like that, plus when I drank I was literally taking in earth, sun, air and water of the place where I lived, since all the ingredients were sourced from nearby farms, etc. So, in summation: beer good.

It’s just …

Y’all think I’m crazy for wanting to get away from this decaying modernity and live a slower, more hands on, more interconnected, more traditional and pious life with a bunch of gun-toting, monarchist, polytheist homesteaders. 


And yet I just watched Senators of these great United States questioning a Supreme Court nominee (now appointee) on 70’s yearbook slang for farting and puking, coded allusions to ménages à trois or if he had memory problems from getting black-out drunk so often. The nominee made angry, pouty faces, cried a lot and gushed nostalgically about his daddy’s old desk calendars, beer, working out with his buds in the garage, and beer. Then the Senators got chased into their elevators by a bunch of screeching, sign-waving, rainbow-haired, over-educated Starbucks baristas. (Who are all secretly being paid by George Soros. Or Putin. Depending on which Youtubes you watch.)


Yeah, I’m the crazy one.

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