Strange Spirits in a strange land

You remember that poem from almost 200 years ago I mentioned in the last post – Adam Oehlenschläger’s Om Vanerne, which posits that Óðr is Dionysos; well, I just noticed it contains some rather on point allusions to the Toys.

Sphaira (Ball)
“Swift as light—o’er horse-neck pendent—
Past, e’er yet well seen from far—
Beams resplendent
On his helm the morning star.”

Astragaloi (Knucklebones)
“Dancing, sought to soothe his pain,
With feet cloven,
Satyrs sang and piped in vain.”

Trochos (Wheel)
“Piled on high, in osier waggons,
Choicest wine with care he stores.”

Rhombos (Bullroarer)
“Wondering at th’ unwonted clamour,
Rugged men start from the glade,
Trembling, gazing, leaping, shouting,
Half enraptured, half afraid.”

Strobilos (Whipping Top)
“Hermod through the leaves stole on him,
on his head the Rune-stock laid.”

Krotala (Castanet)
“Maids with timbrels dance before”

Paignia Kampesiguia (Doll)
“Thus, long since, the poet found him,
Changed into a senseless stone.”

Pokos (Wool)
“Bow’d to earth—his aching forehead
’Twixt his burning palms he prest,
Visions horrid
Rack’d his brain, sobs rent his breast.”

Mela (Golden Apples)
“Idun, stol’n by false Loke’s treason,
Long Valhalla’s gods had wept,
And old age, with withering wrinkles,
O’er each late full cheek had crept.”

Esoptron (Mirror)
“Oddur calm’d their groundless terror,
Charm’d them with his magic lay,
Held his mirror,
Shew’d to peace and wealth the way.”

Pretty neat, huh?