Don’t act like a Celt; drink wine.

Although the esteemed Emperor Julian would not have approved of the antics of the leftist ὄχλος on display during the recent hearings, I think Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s own testimony would have been enough to raise grave concerns about his fitness to serve on the Supreme Court:

Julian, you see, like all proper Romans (and, indeed, all decent human beings) preferred wine to beer. He even wrote a poem about it:

εἰς οἶνον ἀπὸ κριθῆς.
τίς πόθεν εἶς Διόνυσε; μὰ γὰρ τὸν ἀληθέα Βάκχον,
οὔ σ’ἐπιγιγνώσκω. τὸν Διὸς οἶδα μόνον.
κεῖνος νέκταρ ὄδωδε. σύ δὲ τράγον. ἦ ῥά σε Κελτοὶ
τῇ πενίῃ Βοτρύων τεῦξαν ἀπ’ ἀσταχύων;
τῷ σε χρὴ καλέειν Δημήτριον, οὐ Διόνυσον,
πυρογενῆ μᾶλλον καὶ Βρόμον, οὐ Βρόμιον.

For an English translation and commentary, please click here

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